Maidens, Mothers, Wise Women, bring your curiosity and your wisdom, leave your judgements at the door.  We are a grassroots community and support for those interested in women's health and body literacy. 


Expect no two evenings to be the same and we will probably choose our topics in advance by consensus based on the needs of those able to attend. Here are some ideas that I would like to explore:


Village Prenatals

My heart belongs to our birthing women. We are not broken. When we welcome our children into the world gently, we set the tone for the mom-baby connection and family stability for the next few years of life, if not a lifetime. Support your sisters + give yourself  the gift of body literacy by learning: 

- how to use a fetoscope, pinard  or doppler to tune into your baby

- how to take and chart your own blood pressure 

- how to find out what position your baby is in through palpation + belly mapping

- how to use urinalysis strips as a way to tune into the minutiae of your body

- how to use journaling to chart the data you've collected
- the hormones of labor, how they help mom + baby and how to protect them

- the different diagnostics within our healthcare system at a woman's various stages of pregnancy, the why's, the how's, the risks, the rewards and the alternatives

- about you and your baby's placenta and options on how you might honor it after your baby's birth

- about pregnancy nutrition and tips for alleviating morning sickness

- top Ayurvedic strategies for soothing the nervous system during pregnancy


The First Forty Days

Not everyone can afford a postpartum doula and those that can might not want a stranger in their home at this vulnerable time or have difficulty justifying the financial expense to their partner. We have lost our way by isolating ourselves within our nuclear families. Create your own postpartum community and build these bonds now by:
- learning about postpartum planning 

- witnessing and being witnessed by your sisters

- showing up and forming bonds so when you have your baby, your sisters can bring you a meal

- learning about foods that heal at this vulnerable time and foods that overwhelm the body's delicate digestive system

- learning how to and why using vaginal steaming for postpartum can beneficial

- attaining community nursing support (feel free to bring your baby)

- placenta alchemy, how to prepare your own or have someone do it for you, the benefits and when it might be healthier not to

- how to belly bind, why you might want to and cautionary signs to watch for

- being the change you wish to see in the world by nurturing reciprocal relationships so that you have built-in support for your postpartum from the women in this group

Moon Wisdom
Continuing on the theme of body literacy, we shine some much needed light and build on the work of Toni Weschler, Lisa Hendrickson-Jack, Jeannine Parvati Baker, Susun Weed and other brave, wise woman before us.  Feel free to bring your daughters if you want to dispel generations of shame and give them a very rare, precious gift of knowledge, such as:

- that our moon time does not have to be painful or shameful

- we can use our moon time as a "fifth vital sign" meaning that it can give us important information about our health and fertility

- natural, less harmful options than the current glyphosate soaked tampons and sanitary napkins available

- how to incorporate vaginal steaming into our cyclical health

- how to sync your cycle with the phases of the moon

- how to use herbal ally Queen Anne's Lace to manage fertility

"In the circle, we are all equal. There is no one in front of you, and there's nobody behind you. No one is above you; no one is below you. The circle is sacred because it is designed to create unity.

- Lakota Wisdom






Come for the free raspberry leaf tea, stay for the fun, real talk and community. All evenings are by donation only unless we're doing a craft or project in which I will charge a minimal fee to be reimbursed. Some examples of activities, crafts + ongoing projects include:

- bullet journaling for fertility, pregnancy, birth + postpartum

- a workshop on birth story writing with the option to share around the candle light

- making wholesome, big batch freezer meals for participants to take home

- make your own belly binding + dye with botanical based dyes

- make your own baby wrap + dye with botanical based dyes (can be used to carry your baby or be used in the fashion of a rebozo/birth shawl for comfort measures during labor + birth)

- make your own meditation pillow to take with you to all the meditation, drumming + moon circles around town

- make your own meditation/mala/birth beads and round circle on how to use them

- henna belly designs

- sourdough making (learn how, recipes + bring home your own sourdough)

- preparing nourishing herbal infusions for replenishing vitamins + minerals (with the option of taking some home)

- making flower crowns 

- making herb blends for culinary and medicinal purposes

- making tinctures, creams, salves + infused oils out of pure ingredients

- sharing of skills so that others can teach + lead too

If you vibe with any of the following names, we probably share some common ground. I consider these people my greatest teachers, some have taught me in person, some through online courses, and still others through the legacy they leave behind with their insightful writings:

Dr. Sarah Buckley
Whapio Diane Bartlett

Christine Eck
Maryn Green 
Margo Blackstone

Susun Weed
Jeannine Parvati Baker
Rosita Arvigo
Daniel Foor

Molly Dutton-Kenny

Dr. Vasant Lad
Keli Garza
Kimberly Ann Johnson
Lisa Hendrickson-Jack
Katy Bowman
Michel Odent

Peggy Orenstein
Robin Lim
Anne Frye

Sheila Kitzinger

Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Toni Weschler
Michelle Peterson
Stephen Harrod Buhner
Dr. David Frawley
Tami Lynn Kent
Dr. Christanne Northrup
Penny Simkin


Dr. Stuart Fischbein
Gail Tully
Dr. Kathleen Kendall-Tackett
Laura Shanley
Gloria Lemay
Rachelle Garcia Seliga
Dr. Rixa Freeze

Julia Jones
Sajah Popham

Rock Maze

Womben's Bodies,
Womben's Wisdom



Get in touch with me for the date, time + address. I promise not to spam you and send you silly automated emails aimed at selling you stuff. #aintgottimeforthat 

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