Those Early Months 

The first trimester can feel nebulous and, oftentimes, more than a little lonely; you know you're pregnant, but usually those closest to us don't as we wait the standard twelve weeks or so to announce our news.  We look the same even though our bodies are quietly undergoing tremendous change; physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Are you looking for ways to connect with your baby and better understand those early pregnancy changes?   Would you like access to tools and skills that empower you to do so?  Are you seeking community?   

What to expect from this class:





We open with a guided meditation and an art project to help connect with baby

Discussion around common diagnostic testing choices, emerging technological alternatives and low-tech alternatives from yesteryear

Discussion around pregnancy nutrition and tips for alleviating morning sickness

Learn the top ten Ayurvedic strategies for calming the nervous system and supporting pregnancy

Learn to measure and monitor blood pressure, fundal height, infection, glucose, ketones and other metrics yourself (and charts and tools to take home with you)

Exploration of pregnancy mythology and archetypes