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Sweet Dreams Postpartum

It's spa services, personal chef services, cleaning services and what can only be categorized as gentle caring help and a listening ear.  No need to leave your home.  Everything comes to you. Feel free to mix + match any combination of my offerings below and craft your custom Sweet Dreams Postpartum Experience.

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Warm oil massage (abhyanga) with reiki or an educational session that you and your partner can use as a springboard so they can perform warm oil massage on you everyday.  I use an herbalized oil prepared especially for postpartum moms in the Ayurvedic tradition, I bring in linens and towels to protect your surfaces and remove them again for fresh laundering.  I also prepare a food-based holistic soap that gently exfoliates and rinses off extra oiliness while retaining all the moisture.  

Meal Planning + Preparation of your next day's meals and snacks that take into account and honor where you are in your postpartum journey.  I have several menu options to select from, including Ayurvedic foods and herbs for postpartum wellness.  I do a grocery run in advance to bring you the freshest foods, spices and herbs that have been proven to rejuvenate and support lactation.  (Send me your detailed grocery list and I'll pick up what I can at the same time).  Your meals and snacks can be customized to incorporate any dietary preferences or restrictions.  All food is prepared in your own home, tucked away in your own storage containers (unless you'd like to use my freezer-safe disposable ones) and comes with simple instructions for reheating. This price is dependant upon the complexity of the recipes, quantity of servings requested and cost of ingredients. 

Shatavari Enriched Sesame Laddu, an Ayurvedic treat that promotes lactation

Light Housekeeping such as kitchen clean-up, bathroom wipe-down with gently made cleaning solutions, laundry services, floor sweeping/vacuuming  and general tidying.  I promise to always leave your home cleaner than how I found it.  

Breastfeeding Support from the Heart.  I understand the frustrations that come up around this topic, especially in those early days.  Breastfeeding is not for everyone, but if this is a personal goal and you're left questioning your body's ability, I'm happy to listen, offer suggestions and/or connect you with a professional suited to your needs.  I always have a baby scale with me and it can be a nice tool to see how many ounces baby is receiving or how much they've grown from a previous measurement.  

Guided Meditation + Breathing Techniques that allow you to oxygenate your body and brain, promoting peacefulness, heightened energy, healing and regeneration.  I'll teach you some of the breathing techniques that have been useful to me or you may like to select a restorative yoga nidra meditation, energizing nadi shodhana pranayama or the relaxing sounds of nature from my personal library to enjoy during your massage or sauna. Not sure that meditation is helpful to you? I'll bring a device from the HeartMath Institute that measures your heart rate variability and trains your your heart, brain and autonomic nervous system to synchronize which has been proven to have numerous mental, emotional and physical benefits - Complementary in combination with other services, just be sure to request it, so I can prepare in advance so you don't miss out!

As a mom who recently ended her nursing relationship with 2+ year old twins, I know how insurmountable it can feel. It gets better.  
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A Custom Craft or Activity for Your Older Child.  Does your new baby have an older sibling that might be feeling out of sorts and a little left out?  Do they like  dinosaurs?  Elsa from Frozen?  No problem.  Let me know and I will find the perfect craft to lay out for them to discover and be engaged and captivated by the next day, reminding them that they are still special within the new dynamic. -Complementary in combination with other services, just be sure to request it, so I can prepare in advance so you don't miss out!

Red Light Therapy.  To date there have been over 50,000 published papers on red and near-infrared light therapies showing that red light therapy can calm inflammation, strengthen mitochondria, lessen depression, improve wound healing, reduce adipose tissue, reduce hair loss, reduce nipple pain from breastfeeding and improve the quality of skin collagen with regard to scars and stretchmarks.  I find the warm light is extremely comforting.  - Complementary in combination with other services, just be sure to request it, so I can prepare in advance so you don't miss out!

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Infrared Sauna.  One commonality we find throughout traditional cultures is the practice of keeping the new mom warm after birth.  Some cultures use hot stones, others wrap mom up in blankets near a fire, while others warn not to leave the home and guard against drafts for the first forty days.  While I was studying postpartum hemorrhage in midwifery school, I was amazed to discover that one of the main causes of postpartum hemorrhage can be allowing mom to become chilled.  Traditional wisdom probably made this connection long ago.  If you would like to take a sauna after your massage, while I clean your home and prepare your meals, just let me know in advance so I can be sure to bring it.

Measuring Electromagnetic Fields.  With the roll out of 5G, more and more folks are wondering about the radiation levels in their homes. How much electromagnetic smog is my baby monitor putting out? Are my children being exposed to radon when I send them downstairs to play? Should I be worried about my that plug-in outlet near the headboard of my child's bed? I'm very pleased to be able to be able to offer both the unique tools and knowledge to help you pinpoint and the radiation in your home and offer a few general remedies that can help mitigate EMF levels. I measure each room in the house and all your devices, plus I provide you with a map showing the readings, so you can compare those readings to future readings, should you wish.

Story Medicine. First a quick story about myself. My twin pregnancy was unplanned. Not just twins, I mean, we were completely done having babies (and I don't mind telling you this because those twins have been the greatest gift I never knew I wanted). However, at the time this caused a huge rift within my family. I fell into deepest despair. I couldn't talk to my partner as we were not connecting at that time and I saw him as part of the problem. I didn't need advice. I couldn't unload my feelings on friends or family because they all had opinions about what I "should" do or would take sides and gossip amongst themselves. Nope. All I really wanted was for some unbiased person to just hear me. To really, really hear me speak from my soul. To witness my feelings. To affirm that I was in fact, not crazy, but a woman pushed to her outer edges. I ended up paying $135 + tax out of my own pocket to hire someone that was way overqualified just to hear me... So what's my point? If you need someone to hold your story and see you, not as someone to be fixed or pandered to with surface solutions or falsely reassure you that "everything will be alright", just to see  you, I will make us some tea and sit with you and give you my attention. No exchange of money required. My children might come in and disturb us a few times. My phone might ring. That's real life. And I'll listen whether it's your birth story or some old unhealed wound that your pregnancy is dragging up (because, let's face it, birth and pregnancy are great for revealing our darkest shadows). When you're done, I'll have absolutely no answers or advice because this life makes no guarantees. I'll give you a hug, wish you the best and see you off. You're an intelligent woman and the answers are already right there within you. You just needed somebody to hear you like I needed someone to hear me.

Placenta Alchemy.  Your placenta can be prepared and encapsulated using the traditional TCM method with lemon, ginger and cayenne or using the raw method (meaning it doesn't get cooked higher than 118 F)  You can have a tincture prepared that I'll teach you how to top up and use for years to come to guard against sickness and replace hormones during menopause. Once your placenta has been properly dried and powdered it can even be made into decadent chocolates or truffles to mask the taste. It can also be infused into a medicinal ghee for your postpartum nourishment. I also use dyes made out of edible botanicals if you would like me to make a placenta print keepsake. Any way you want it, that's the way you need it. It's your precious placenta - you may not get another one - so do your research and tell me what you want.

Postpartum Ayurvedic Belly Wrapping.  This form of belly wrapping can be useful for helping heal diastasis recti, improves digestion and elimination, supports the hips, provides warmth to the abdomen and kidneys, calms the nervous systems and lends support to posture while you nurse your baby. I can leave you with a few extra wraps and lessons on how to wrap yourself for the next forty days. 

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Yoni Steaming for the Postpartum.  This powerful and ancient practice can be found in at least 70 different cultures worldwide and has been used to maintain women's reproductive health for thousands of years through all her different cycles and seasons.  I provide you with instruction, a sanitized yoni steam sauna, a hotplate, herbs and alcohol swabs. Safe, private and effective, this is radical self-care that honors and nurtures your womb. Please note: yoni steaming is not recommended immediately after a c-section.

*Note - I have been admonished in the past for using the word "yoni" as it is not considered a proper anatomical name. In Latin, Vagina means "to sheath" and similarly, vulva means "to wrap." Both are very phallocentric. Yoni is derived from Sanskrit, one of the oldest languages and it means "sacred passageway" or "source."  I mean no offense by it, and, yes, as a former student of midwifery, I certainly do happen to know all the anatomical scientific names. Yoni just resonates better for me.

As you might imagine, every Sweet Dreams Postpartum experience is completely unique and customized to your circumstances.  Many of these services stack very nicely on top of one another, ultimately taking less time than you might initially assume. 


If you have additional questions, feel free to text me or leave a message at (403) 999-9090 or leave your information below and I will be in touch.