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I ended up paying $135 + tax out of my own pocket to hire someone that was way overqualified just to hear me... So what's my point? If you need someone to hold your story and see you, not as someone to be fixed or pandered to with surface solutions or falsely reassure you that "everything will be alright", just to see  you, I will make us some tea and sit with you and give you my attention. No exchange of money required. My children might come in and disturb us a few times. My phone might ring. That's real life.

And I'll listen whether it's your birth story or some old unhealed wound that your pregnancy is dragging up (because, let's face it, birth and pregnancy are great for revealing our darkest shadows). When you're done, I'll have absolutely no answers or advice because this life makes no guarantees. I'll give you a hug, wish you the best and see you off. You're an intelligent woman and the answers are already right there within you. You just needed somebody to hear you like I needed someone to hear me.

First a quick story...

My twin pregnancy was unplanned. Not just twins, I mean, we were completely done having babies (and I don't mind telling you this because those twins have been the greatest gift I never knew I wanted).

However, at the time this caused a huge rift within my family. I fell into deepest despair. I couldn't talk to my partner as we were not connecting at that time and I saw him as part of the problem. I didn't need advice. I couldn't unload my feelings on friends or family because they all had opinions about what I "should" do or would take sides and gossip amongst themselves. Nope. All I really wanted was for some unbiased person to just hear me. To really, really hear me speak from my soul. To witness my feelings. To affirm that I was in fact, not crazy, but a woman pushed to her outer edges.