Mother and Baby in Autumn

Queen Bee

In the Ayurvedic tradition, it is believed that when you nourish the new mom for 42 days, she in turn experiences an upleveling in her own health and is then able to nourish her family for the next 42 years.  There was once a time in our culture, in all of our cultures when you go back far enough, that the new mom was supported by her inner circle more than the current level new moms receive now. We can cast blame, but really, it's nobody's fault.  We are only carrying forward a cycle that was passed down to us, as was passed down to our own mothers.   We can break the chain and 42 days of care from our loved ones at this crucial time is a small investment for the possibility of 42 years of vibrant health.  A baby can be a wonderful opportunity to bring your community together and now more than ever before we can harness the power of technology to make it so.   

I want to know who you  are, how you see yourself as a parent, what housework can be left, what needs to be done and how can we outsource it while still preserving your home's peace.  Through the process of an interview and a detailed series of questions that take into account dietary sensitivities, preferences, day-to-day responsibilities and postpartum wishes, I will help you identify your postpartum priorities, what needs to be done around your home, how often, and the manner in which you like it done. Your own "Queen Bee Manual".   This is also a time of assessment and decision to see if community-based postpartum care will work for your particular circumstances. 

Putting it all together.  Using the information collected, your closed Facebook group is constructed that you then populate with your close friends and family members that you want to share this experience with, ideally about a month before the birth. The "Queen Bee Manual" along with any helpful tips and ideas will be easily referenceable by anyone within the group.  The more you participate in your group, the more your friends and family cannot help but become more engaged, bonded and emotionally invested in your care and the development of your baby.  This further promotes their desire to help you - even if they don't necessarily get to see you face-to-face for the first little bit. Your inner circle is also more easily able to stay up-to-date on how you are doing without sending the "Have you had the baby yet?" email every few days.   Even beloved relatives that live on other continents feel like they are being included.

Successful Work Team
Since at least the 1700's, when a group came together for a common purpose,
it was called a "bee", named so after the industrious bee.

Where the magic happens.  After baby is born, we privately communicate at least once a day.  If you need a grocery run or a homecooked meal, I let your team know, even post a customized daily recipe to remove decision fatigue.  If you need assistance from a professional (lactation consultant, chiropractor, counselor, sleep support, etc...) and aren't sure where to turn, I use my network of birth professionals to source recommendations in your area that most closely align with your needs, your personal philosophies and parenting values. Customized, digestible and interesting "information bites" are posted to the group each day such as what we know about your baby's cognition at this stage, ways to  bond with your newborn, ways to integrate older siblings into their care (if applicable) and ways to nourish the new mom.  

Coconut + Ginger Pudding

Once your 42 day sacred window has passed, the Facebook group gets archived, effectively closing the window. You and your baby step out into the world rested, bonded and ready to face the challenges of parenting. 


For a limited time when you sign up for the Queen Bee Experience, you also receive a customized baby book preserving the memories of this special 42 day window at no additional cost.

While I prefer to work one-on-one with my families, this is the next best option and, at $2/day, definitely the most economical.  I find that I even support families in my own city in this manner.  It also makes a lovely group gift to the new mom and simultaneously reassures her that her friends and family want to support her during this short, but important time.