Pregnancy & Birth

as a Rite of Passage

A Focus on 20 Weeks + Beyond 

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Navigating the waters of 20 weeks and beyond can be challenging in the face of  information overload and so many good intentions from family, friends, and let's face it, even perfect strangers.  Everybody from the mailman to the grocery store clerk begins to notice that you are pregnant and offer unsolicited advice. Is it any wonder that our society has a lot of fear and confusion surrounding the topic of pregnancy and birth.  The shelves are lined with fear-inducing books and the media portrays birth as an event to be dreaded or, at best, just a means to an end.  We are inundated  with negativity on a daily basis and as a result, we've been separated from our intuition, our history and our trust of our own bodies.  We've come to believe that this perfectly natural process is somehow flawed and must be augmented to be corrected.   What if I told you that pregnancy and birth can be an opportunity that comes along but a few times in a woman's life?  True rites of passage.  The opportunity for personal growth is tremendous at this vulnerable time.  Women can emerge from the labyrinth of pregnancy and birth feeling confident in their new role as a mom.  


Join me online or in person, in a group setting or one-on-one as we:

Use of a guided meditation to envision your upcoming birth and access to download it for use later as often as you like

Discover through palpation how your baby is positioned, promoting deeper connection


Discussion and handouts regarding practical comfort measures you and your partner can utilize for late pregnancy and labor

Discussion and handouts regarding Dr. Sarah Buckley's hormones of labor, active steps you can take to protect them and a fun exercise demonstrating how the uterus works to push baby out

What is postpartum hemorrhage?  What causes it?  Some very simple preventive measures that you can take to avoid it.  

We look at birth through the lens of cultural art

Mix your own herbal sitz bath and yoni rinse

Discussion around the placenta; the sacred organ that kept baby alive for ten moons.  Options for using it and honoring it in the postpartum.  Why consuming it may or may not be right for every woman and where that practice began

Discussion around basic Ayurvedic principles to nourish the new mom, rekindle her digestive fires and promote lactation (and, conversely, what foods to avoid) - so that you can plan ahead