You Are The Best of the Best or You Simply Would Not Be

I actually wrote this on my Instagram account long before the corona pandemic, but I feel like it's more pertinent now than ever and bears repeating:

I've been working on my family tree. Its grown big and is something that makes history come alive through imagination when you can place some of your ancestors into the timeline of historical events. And I've been thinking:

Your, my, OUR ancestors survived wars, crusades, plagues, childhood diseases, persecutions, unsanitary conditions, long trans-Atlantic voyages, tyranny, natural disasters, famines, exposure to the elements, accidents, slavery, captivity and whatever other untold personal tragedies. They survived to childbearing age and continue the lineage that brought you here today. If one of them, even just one, didn't survive to bear a child, you simply wouldn't be. Couple that with that particular sperm of the many millions fertilizing that particular egg at that particular time.

So when your mom sweetly smiled at you, brushed back your hair and told you that you were special and you rolled your eyes because that's just what moms do, well, she was right, you know. It's undeniable. You come from a long line of good stock. The best of the best.

You already know all of this. It's in your marrow, in the breath that you draw, but just in case you forgot for a brief minute. Shine bright in the way that only you can. There will never be another one quite like you and another time quite like now.