Why Abhyanga (Warm Oil Massage) for Mom

To an outsider looking in, warm oil massage for the postpartum mom could be misconstrued as nothing more than an excessive luxury.

Warm oil massage is good for everyone, but especially good for a new mom. The 42 day sacred window is recognized within many traditional cultures as a very special time when mom's body is wide open and ready to receive healing. Amazingly, with proper care and attention, including warm oil massage, the possibility exists that she may even bounce back with more vibrant health than before she became pregnant. Within Ayurveda, this time is known as a Kaya Kalpa (Kaya means body and Kalpa means transformation in Sanskrit), a rare opportunity that presents itself at a few different intervals in a woman's life as a time when physical degeneration can possibly be reversed. Daily application and massage of warm sesame oil increases circulation, bringing more oxygen and nutritive blood to every cell to instill balance, immunity and strength. Sesame oil is the traditional choice as it's said to penetrate all seven layers of tissue (plasma, blood, muscle, fat, bone, nervous tissue and reproductive system), nourishing, warming and loosening any impurities that have accumulated there over the years that can then be eliminated through the digestive tract.