Making Use of the Chickweed in Your Own Backyard

Stellaria media is the botanical name and gentle, masterful ridding the body of excess is the name of the game: excess weight, excess toxins, excess growths.

Chickweed, is a great gateway into foraging because it's easy to identify (we've all battled it in our gardens, am I right?) and unlike other weeds, chickweed is not at all bitter, but herbaceous. Aside from that, it's medicinal use is very mild and forgiving, so it is said that you can eat plenty of chickweed without worry of toxicity. The plant is hardy and will be making its appearance soon with the warming weather.

Internal Chickweed use in the form of fresh, infusion or tincture is helpful for:

-weight loss, especially for those experiencing hypothyroidism

-very high in Vitamins A + C and minerals such as iron, zinc, magnesium and potassium

-improving digestion

-increasing breastmilk quality and quantity, a galactagogue

-removing tumors, cysts and other unwanted growths

-lubricating joints

-expelling mucous from the respiratory illness

External Chickweed use in the form of a balm, salve, poultice or rinse is helpful for:

-conjunctivitis and other eye infections

-helping heal mastitis

-quickly healing growths, cysts and skin sensitivities such as rashes

-wound healing

-removing warts