Journaling for the Childbearing Year

Did you keep a dedicated pregnancy journal? Or perhaps just happen to journal alongside childbearing? I wish I had. Journaling is very important to me, but came into my life shortly after my twins (the babies of the family) were born.

Why journal during pregnancy?

Journaling can:

  • help you keep track of information from your primary care provider such as their contact info and appointment dates, baby's position, their heart rate, test results, weight, blood pressure, fundal height, placental site and any new information that might come up along with suggestions your care provider might have.

  • help you keep track of information from your complimentary care providers. I'm a fan of chiro, homeopathy, herbalism, acupuncture, naturopathic medicine, massage and/or pelvic floor therapy -- whatever the situation calls for -- all of which practitioners often assign homework.

  • help you keep track of changes that you notice within your own body and emotional state and the date that you notice them, so that you can form questions around them and bring them up at the appropriate appointment. I was often hauling one or two children to appointments and tended to be distracted, however, a journal can keep you on course so those important questions don't get missed.

  • help capture the memories so that you can look back at this special time at some future date and remember it more clearly. I like to print out a few pictures each month and affix them into my journal and I think it would have been fun to photo document my growing belly each month. You could also affix ultrasound pictures into the journal.

  • serve as a reference guide for what worked and what didn't for future pregnancies. You could use it to record nourishing herbal remedies, morning sickness cures, favorite recipes that you want for your postpartum, dreams for dream analysis, a shortlist of favorite names and anything interesting that you happen to learn and want a singular place to keep it all.

  • if you are not yet expecting, you could use your journal to record your cycles, dates of possible conception, all the ways you've cleansed and nourished your b