Hydrogen Peroxide for Hot Tub Sanitization

When we first bought our house a little over a year ago, I was excited about a lot of the "extras", but the hot tub was not one of them.

Knowing that the skin is an entry point for chemicals and toxins and having experienced infertility in my early 30's for two years before our first daughter was conceived, I wasn't sure I even wanted a hot tub at all. I did not (and do not) want any of my daughters to experience the heartbreak of infertility when it was their turn to settle down and start a family.

But professor of environmental medicine and public health at Mount Sinai school of medicine, Shanna Swan, has studied fertility trends and estimates that most couples will need reproductive assistance by the year 2045.

I remember all the crunchy lifestyle changes I made in order to restore my fertility and probably offended all sorts of family and friends that thought I was being a snob in the process when I really just didn't want to tell the world that we were having fertility trouble.

Not that hot tub chemicals would necessarily be the tipping point, I'm just wary. We installed a device that filtered the water through a UV light source and produced ozone, but it did not seem to be enough on it's own so we still used some chemicals. I was always looking for a better alternative when I stumbled across 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide and, so far, I love it. You want a ratio of 1 cup per every 1000 liters. I add about a cup very few days, but I also monitor it with test strips to keep it in the 100 parts per million range and I feel like the amount needed might be temperature dependent.

As an added perk, it infuses the water with millions of tiny bubbles of oxygen and makes you feel as though you're bathing in champagne - at least that's what I think that might be like.

If you're trying to conceive or just generally looking for ways to reduce toxins. checkout my Preconception Primer post for more tips on healthy lifestyle changes.