Golden Month: Caring for the World's Mothers After Childbirth by Jenny Allison

"The 'Golden Month' is one of the names the Chinese use for the four to six weeks after childbirth: it reflects the expectation in Chinese culture that this will be an enriching and happy moment for the new mother. Traditionally the Golden Month is a period of celebration for everyone in the family when the mother rests and is given special care, food and advice for six weeks, or longer, until she feels fully recovered. She is the focus of attention in the family, and is acknowledged and praised for her gift of a child to the family. She also works on improving her own health: it is believed that this time is a watershed in terms of women's health, and that caring well for the mother not only ensures her good health for the future, but can even resolve past health issues."

~Jenny Allison, Golden Month: Caring for the World's Mothers After Childbirth

The first thing that stood out to me when this little book arrived was how beautiful it was. From someone with an interest in bookbinding, the ridged paper, the fonts that were chosen, the watercolor imaginary... all so pretty.

But don't just judge a book by it's cover. This book is packed with many cultural perspectives. The author, an acupuncturist and teacher, spent a decade researching the topic. Golden Month debunks the anxiety-inducing myth that a perfect postpartum body exists. Jenny Allison focuses on a mother’s long-term well-being by looking at both mental and physical health. Golden Month delves into the importance of nutrition and includes nutrient-dense recipes to ensure optimum recovery during the postnatal period.

A treasured addition to my bookshelf to be sure.