Dashmool, An Ayurvedic Herb for Postpartum

Dashmool (also spelled Dashamoola or Dashamula) is a classical formula of ten Ayuvedic roots. Earthy and bitter, it's so well known for its potent anti-inflammatory properties that it is used for arthritic conditions, but it also has many uses for the new mom. The ten roots consisting of Dashmool are considered powerful healers on their own, but even more so within this synergistic blend.

Here are some of the ways Dashmool benefits the postpartum period:

~ Restores digestion

~ Removes vata from tissues (generally accepted as a given in early postpartum)

~ Soothes sore muscles and abdominal pain

~ Increases appetite in cases where it has not returned

~ Helps organs move back to their proper placement

~ Helps rid constipation

~ Aids in gas and indigestion (which benefits can be passed along to baby through breastmilk)

~ Helps boost immunity to protect mom and baby from illness

~ Supports the correct downward flow of air and waste substances which aids the body in expelling the things it does not need

~ Is warming and hydrating

In general, it's calming, gently purifying and balancing to the pelvic region. Its main purpose is to restore the digestion of new mothers and prevent postpartum disorders that may affect the overall wellbeing of new mothers.

Dashmool decoction is served twice daily after childbirth for 42 days or possibly 8 weeks if more time is needed such as with a surgical birth or after trauma to the system.

If you're in the Calgary area and looking for someone to prepare a daily dashmool decoction on your behalf as part of your postpartum care regimen or sell you an amount of the roots with instruction on how to use