An Surprising Potential Solution to Leg Cramps During Pregnancy

I don't know about you, but I think 2/3 of my pregnancies were plagued with night time leg cramps starting at around 28 weeks. I would be peacefully sleeping when suddenly my right calf muscle would tighten into a hard knot, waking me as I would immediately spring out of bed and try to put gentle weight on my leg to loosen the muscle once again. Excruciatingly painful, disruptive and not very restful.

What causes these leg cramps? Excessive exercise, mineral and vitamin deficiencies, and dehydration. It's no secret that growing a small human (or two!) takes a lot from the body.

A friend told me of an old wives tale that putting a bar of soap between your mattress and fitted sheet helped alleviate this. With nothing to lose, I immediately bought some Ivory soap to do just this. And... it worked! I did not experience another leg cramp again. It's said to work for 42% of people and while it's not entirely understood why, it might be to do with releasing small amounts of magnesium.

Whether it's the placebo effect at work or something more scientific, if it helps a mom get more rest for less than a dollar, why not give it a go?

It doesn't need to be Ivory soap and you don't need to be pregnant for this to work either. I told my mom about it and now she refuses to sleep without a bar of soap by her feet 😂