Reflections on my Full Moon in Virgo, Sun in Pisces Self-Care Ritual

Before I began learning of the phases of the moon, it seemed to me that full moons only happened at night when I could see them. My knowledge of astrology was also limited to the sun signs, so I would have been confused to have this moon referred to as a full moon in Virgo. "What? No, dude! We're in Pisces!" I'm sure I would have said, if I had cared at all. I had little understanding of: the workings of the phases and the cycles. And, let's be real here, I'm still learning and there's lots to learn. The learning will never be complete.

This morning under the full moon, which was at it's very fullest at 8:53 AM Mountain Standard Time, I spent my morning making ghee, baking sourdough, dream journaling and drinking oatstraw nourishing herbal infusion - the smells in my house are glorious this morning! Did I have perfect solitude? Um, no... Did it look like something sacred? Nope! Life happens. I'm also busy being a mom in between it all, but if nothing else, making time for these small things feels good to me today. It is also no coincidence that my moon blood has returned for the first time since August of 2016 when I mysteriously became pregnant with my twins. So it's kind of special. I felt a quiet sense of wonder when I saw the first tinges of pink yesterday morning knowing the full moon was almost here. In the old days, when there was little exposure to artificial light, women would normally bleed on the new moon, so according to Miranda Gray, author of Red Moon, bleeding on the full moon means that I am cycling on the Red Moon Cycle, meaning that I ovulate during the new moon and bleed on the full moon. Mindy Sheppard blogs about this here, saying:

"Energetically speaking, this goes against the grain being that the most fertile moon cycle would be the Full Moon, and the least is the New Moon. What this means for the woman experiencing this is that her darkness she experiences during her menstrual cycle is brought out into the fertile world through her artistic expressions, healing work, and magick. These women are truly the wisdom keepers, medicine women, and shamanesses of their community, and it is obvious why a Patriarch would feel threatened by such a woman of high degree and try to make it shameful to align with the Red Moon Cycle."

Interesting. I'm going to have to sit with that and see how that resonates for me. I am certainly putting a lot of my energy into learning Ayurveda right now and that has taken me away from putting as much energy into nourishing my family as I would have normally in previous years and I absolutely do feel guilty about this because my identity is deeply entrenched in being a "good mom". Maybe my new learning pursuits are reflected in my cycle. Certainly the shadowside seems to be. And isn't it ironic that I'm building a business around caring for new moms while Iit seems to come with a feeling of sacrifice around my own mothering skills? Virgo being the servant, the martyr, the perfectionist, and the analyzer, these seem like classic full moon in Virgo problems, if I had to wager.

Speaking of Ayurveda, I made ghee this morning because I've been reading that ghee made under the full moon has more healing powers than at any other time. Being the moon-loving, curious person that I am, I really wanted to make ghee today. According to my studies, the sattvic qualities of ghee make it an ideal applic