Caulifredo Pasta Sauce

This pasta sauce can easily be made dairy-free and is already naturally gluten-free (pictured here over gnocchi made with corn instead of wheat). A few years ago, while on vacation in Penticton, B.C., my family and I discovered this really great restaurant called Wild Scallion; everything was dairy-free, gluten-free and mostly vegetarian, which happened to be exactly how I was eating for that season of my life. Upon trying their Alfredo sauce over rice noodles, I knew I wanted to make a version of my own. Theirs has a coconut cream base, mine has cauliflower base, but the seasonings are similar. If you're looking to find new ways of getting more vegetables into your meal plan, this could be a gamechanger, especially if you put it over zoodles. - veggies on veggies!

If you were aiming to eat for your cycle, include this dish shortly after your ovulatory phase (or if you're experiencing amenorrhea and would like to sync to nature, enjoy this recipe around the full moon or in the days following the full moon). A woman's estrogen peaks at ovulation and then drops off steeply. In order to help clear out extra estrogen, cauliflower (as with all cruciferous vegetables) contain DIM (Diindoylymethane). It would also be a great dish for women with fertility challenges due to PCOS or endometriosis for these same reasons and, whenever availability and budget allow, I would definitely aim to use organic butter because fat bioaccumulates pesticides (which oftentimes act like estrogens in our body, xenoestrogens).

Whichever way you slice it, you don't need an excuse to enjoy this healthy recipe any time of the month. It's just tasty!

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