Cycle Series

I'm quite obsessed with cycles: moon phases, zodiac (and it's many, many cyclical applications), circadian rhythms of the body, weather and water cycles, the Chinese clock as it pertains to organs of the body, the ovulatory cycle, market cycles, the seasons, the elements.. I could go on and on. It's ALL cycles on a macro and micro level. Some of cycles are grounded in science while others are very esoteric, I hope to explore both to some degree and maybe successfully marry the aspects of science and esoterism in the process.

It's so fun to ponder cycles and overlay some of them to see how they correspond and influence one another. Once you get a feel for the flavor that each cycle phase imparts, the spell is broken and you gain a better understanding over your behaviours and the behaviours of those around you. For example, do you ever have a day where it seems like everyone is driving aggressively on the road and you just hope you'll get home safely? Or someone important to you snaps at you uncharacteristically and you wonder if you've done something to upset them? Or your creativity is on fire and think you should drink this much coffee everyday because you're high on all sorts of amazing ideas? It's sort like when you forget where you are in your ovulatory cycle and can't figure out why everyone seems to be getting on your last nerve... and then you get your moon and realize some of the forces that were at play within yourself and how your perceived the day-to-day.

There is freedom in understanding cycles. Having a certain awareness can help you know when and where to focus your energies in order to maximize their effectiveness at certain times and perhaps keep some of our less desirable traits in check during other times. It can also help us just organize our lives better in general. It can help you better tune in to your natal chart and understand when is a good time for you to be extra social and when its just time to hibernate, internalize and reflect.

It's simply part of our human nature to notice patterns and our ancestors recognized them too. Without the digital distraction of today, they had time to gaze at the sky, chart the course of planetary bodies and make links to what they saw happening around them. That said, these are never meant to be hard and fast rules. I don't want to create something in which my schedule is so very rigid that I only, only, only ever visit with people on a Thursday or some cockamamie idea like that. There are far too many moving parts and other cycles at work to ever believe that rules can be built like that. It's just something fun to be mildly aware of and maybe assist us when it intuitively feels right So, without further ado, I hope you enjoy my cycle series as it unfurls - I know I will enjoy creating it as well as creating some free infographics around it! I plan to begin with days of the week because that is a cycle that we are super aware of that we pay little mind to.

* Please note, the source of this beautiful art is unknown to me. If you created it or someone you know created, please get in touch, so I can credit the artist and provide a link to their website. Also feel free to get in touch if you enjoy my writing and can think of cycles that you wish to explore further!