Shatavari Enriched Sesame Laddu for Supporting Lactation and Healing the New Mom

You've probably heard of lactation cookies, now meet the Ayurvedic version. These delicious little balls of goodness have shatavari which assists in quality milk production while the high protein and ghee help balance out mom's doshic equilibrium after giving birth. This is because after birth, moms are disproportionately vata: fatigue, chills, weaker immune system, fluid depletion, malabsorption, gas & bloating, constipation, sleep challenges and anxiety. Sound familiar? These are appropriate for mom after 10 days postpartum and beyond and would make a lovely postpartum gift for the new mom. They can be kept out at room temperature and within reach of the bedside table. Try black sesame seeds too - black sesame is high in zinc and said to support kidney health.

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