Setting Intentions For the New Year with a Vision Board

For as long as I can remember, I have always felt drawn toward goal setting and intentions. Sometimes this activity resembled the magical thinking that "The Secret" series promotes, but probably more often, it had a good dose of Brian Tracy's "Maximum Achievement" as his book was a major influence in my life when I stumbled upon it in a used book store in my early twenties while I was in a deep rut where nothing seemed to be going right.

Who can really say what influences and experiences make a person and what different paths my life might have taken had I not dug deep into goal setting at that early time in my adult life. I believed then and still believe now that it is important to:

  • know what you want and know it so well that you understand the motivational factors behind it (sometimes knowing what we want is the hardest part or perhaps our dreams can feel so big and expansive - who are we to dream so big? I've experienced this before in which I would share goals with "friends" and rather that join in my excitement, they would take it as an opportunity to gossip about my grandiosity behind my back and that was really damaging to my self-esteem. I was very thin-skinned in my early twenties. Regardless of whether you're thin-skinned or not, I'd recommend choosing carefully who you fully share your dreams and intentions with as not everyone is always on the same wavelength as you)

  • to focus on it daily

  • set deadlines for yourself

  • map out actionable micro-goals that will eventually lead to the manifestation of your bigger goals (baby steps make it more attainable)

  • write them out often (with paper and pen) and stay positive (negative emotions really do attract more of the same)

So, with these platitudes in mind, I've created a digital vision board as a first step to get my creative juices flowing. This is not my final product, but something I can continue to work on, tidy and build upon as my vision becomes more clarified. I've set it as my desktop background so I can look at it and feel inspired each time I see it (and being that I do a lot of computer work, I`m sure I'll be seeing it often).

How do you go about creating a digital vision board and why digital? I'm beginning to like the digital medium because:

  • all our pictures are collected in this format already an