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Fertilization, Implantation + Placentation


Everything you need to know!

This infographic describes the process that occurs in the weeks immediately following successful fertilization.  It could be used as a handout for childbirth education classes or perhaps for couples seeking to conceive and understand/visualize the process behind the spark of life.  It could also be shared on social media for marketing purposes, so feel free to let me know if you would like it sized for Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest, etc...


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A Wise Woman's Guide to Hypoglycemia e-book


This short e-book is inspired by Susun Weed's book "Healing Wise" and the six steps wise women follow when treating symptoms.  As the interventions become more invasive, so do the risks associated with them.  This is an example of steps one might take for hypoglycemia before it leads to diabetes.



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Why Abhyanga?

Here's a pamphlet all about the benefits of abhyanga (warm oil massage) for mom and baby:



Understanding T. gondii and Self Care fo

Understanding T. gondii During Pregnancy + How to Avoid It


This is a five page presentation about T. gondii, how it can affect pregnant moms and their fetus or newborn baby and how to avoid it.



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Astrology Cheat Sheet


I was embarrassed to admit this before, afraid that it made me appear unintelligent or gullible, but I'ma own it and tell you that I love western astrology and find many truths within it. Here's a quick way of remembering the signs and the houses. No, it has nothing to do with moms and babies, but loads to do with cycles and I'm all about the cycles. Enjoy.


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Journal Prompts for Birth Plan Clarity


Looking for clarity with respect to your birth plan?  Here are numerous journal prompts to help you do just that during the final weeks of pregnancy


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The Twenty Attributes and Three Doshas.p

The Twenty Attributes and Their Relationship to the Doshas Infographic


Becoming familiar with the different Ayurvedic attributes (Gunas) can go a long way in your understanding and balancing of the three doshas.