What are your beliefs around that liminal space where our children come from? What if I told you that many cultures purify and fortify their bodies, minds and spirits several months in advance of even becoming pregnant?  They do so  in order to ensure that when that seed is finally sewn, it falls upon the most fertile, lovely, nourished soil possible, invited in by their loving parents with clear intention.  This can also help set the stage for a vibrant pregnancy or be useful when experiencing infertility.  

It has become clear that fertility is a biomarker for health and wellbeing. Artifical Reproductive Technology (ART) is helpful for producing offspring, but it does nothing to address what is causing the infertility in the first place. 

Conscious Conception

We are powerful creators.  Would you like to learn how to integrate these practices in a way that works synergistically with our modern lifestyle?  I am continually broadening my knowledge and continue to be inspired  by Ayurvedic studies, meditation, the five elements, use of astrology + lunar cycles to calculate optimal conception dates and how to use mantra.

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Not to mention many less exotic methods a little closer to home like actionable steps for reducing toxins in our lifestyle, exposure to electromagnetic fields and hormone disruptors hidden in plain sight.  I won't claim to be an expert, because my learning will never be done but sometimes a curious mind and an open heart gives way to grace.  

I'll never pretend that I have all the answers on this delicate topic, but I will share with you that I have successfully nurtured my own body back from two+ years of infertility and gone on to naturally birth four children at an advanced age.  


We are intimately linked to song. This is why we hear story after story of Alzheimer's patients that can't even remember their name, but break into song with perfect pitch and recollection when an old favorite comes on. Its magical the somatic links music makes in not just our brain, but our body. Below is a short playlist I've created inspired by the topic of conscious conception.  Why not choose a song for baby and let that be part of what guides you through conception, pregnancy, childbirth + beyond?  In Ayurveda, it is suggested that the atmosphere that the husband and wife should aim to generate at the time of conception should be pure, clean, pleasant with both thinking uplifting thoughts to attract a pure and high-vibrational soul.  A room enhanced with flowers, incense and soothing music can help create a soft, receptive environment.

Sending you all the baby dust.

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Personal Care Products Audit

There are many ingredients that go into our cosmetics and personal care products that have been shown to alter our hormones, cause reproductive harm and can leave baby with a toxic burden in utero. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the process of separating the good from the bad to the tolerable, let me know and we can go through your products one by one, tossing the bad, keeping the ok and exploring better options.

Pantry Purge

I have put decades of research into the topic of food. If you know you need to do a pantry purge, but you're not sure where to begin, we can work together to restore balance to your pantry and fridge and then donate what is no longer serving your higher good to the Calgary Food Bank.

Cooking for Fertility

We all know healthy babies are built from a healthy foundation. Perhaps the biggest change you can make is what you choose to eat each day. I LOVE to cook and share my passion for transforming whole food into delectable, healthy dishes. What are you struggling with? Knife skills? Incorporating a Weston A. Price style diet into a busy lifestyle? Sourdough and other ferments? Stuck in the meal planning doldrums? Online or in home. Hit me up for either private or group lessons!

EMF Detection

Both male and female fertility is clearly effected by EMF radiation. We use my EMF meter to determine the problem areas in your home, which devices are putting out dangerous levels of EMF's and then we talk about some strategies to mitigate your exposure going forward. Signs of EMF exposure can include high anxiety and an overall feeling of unexplainable dread, heart palpitations, skin rashes, ringing in ears and difficulty sleeping. If any of this sounds like you, lets do a sweep of your home and see what we find. 

Meditation Navigation

Do you meditate, but are unsure if you're really hitting the mark?  I have a tool from the HeartMath Institute that tells you in real time during meditation whether your heart is moving from stress into coherence through measuring your heart rate variability. I also have several meditations to choose from, but I think this tool in and of itself is an invaluable guide to understanding and teaching our body how to find harmony. And once you have taught yourself and understand how that feels, you no longer need the tool to reach that state.

Sauna Detox

Sometimes we have to remove the old to make space for the new. I offer in home sauna sessions with my portable 

far infrared sauna. Saunas have been known to assist toxins out of the body such as solvents, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, phthalates, flame retardants, Bisphenol A, pesticides and PCBs. Saunas are not recommended while pregnant and would be preferable to do several months in advance of your planned conception to allow time for the toxins to clear before calling in baby.