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I dream of a time when a woman's choices will be honored.  


She will be supported to give birth where she wants, how she wants, in the position that she wants and with her chosen people present (or no one at all) without judgment or fear or pressure from others.  Her body, her choice. 

She has taken back sovereignty over her body.  She has taken an active interest and primary role in her pregnancy, prenatal care and birth.  She may choose to use technology judiciously or not at all.  She may choose to use a midwife, birth attendant, even a medical professional if she feels her pregnancy would be best served by one, or none of the above.  The team she selects to support her will advise her from a place of knowledge and care for her and her baby's well-being and they will be free from judgment by their own peers, free from fear of losing their license for acting out of altruism.  An expecting mom can seek unbiased advice without fear of being intimidated into compromising her values.

A woman will have continuity of care, so that there are no surprises when she is otherwise distracted (i.e. labor).  When a promise is made, it will be upheld.  Her chosen attendants and advisors are educated in a way that comes from what is truly best for the mom and baby dyad, not from producers of high tech medical equipment and pharmaceutical companies' agendas.  A mom's well-being won't be pitted against that of her unborn child.  It will generally be recognized that what is good for mom is good for baby and vice versa.  A mom won't be persecuted by authority figures or deemed to be an unfit parent for listening to her intuition.  A mom won't be forced into radicalization and adopt practices that she herself deems unsafe, but feels there is no other alternative because the mainstream alternative frightens her more. 


I've reflected on these issues a lot.  I feel so fortunate that I conceived twins, not just for their sweet smiles and laughter, but because I experienced firsthand how disruptive it is to be risked out of midwifery care.  My twin pregnancy wasn't necessarily high risk for the sake of carrying multiples - on that level, it was just another variation of normal.  Without my twins, I would still be blissfully unaware.  What a gift they have brought me.  Change begins with us.  When we educate ourselves and gently inform those around us, we are dislodging "the matrix".  As more moms demand better for themselves, the system will have no choice but to change to meet those demands.

While don't individually have the solution I believe the solution lies within all of us to help one another. I'll continue to spread the word and maybe brighten a mom's day by providing services that truly make the difference in her very real rite of passage from Maiden to Mother.  Supporting women on their own unique journey in life is one of my deepest passions. I believe that peace on Earth really does begin at birth.

"On a spiritual level, motherhood provokes a reconfiguration of Self and puts our spiritual ideas and maxims to a test. The difficulty of the post-partum experience can also be its beauty. It takes women as mothers to places where they have never been before showing them the unmasked, uncoiffed parts of themselves. It is not always an easy process, but it is a rewarding one- part of a wise woman’s journey."


~Kimberly Ann Johnson, MagaMama and Author of The Fourth Trimester

"Thanks again for everything today, you are a gift sent from heaven for a new mom and her baby!" ~Diane B.
"She was everything I hoped for and more."

~Courtney S.


"Cassie is a conscientious, hard working, positive individual who makes herself available for a variety of duties.  Cassie has taken training and consistently provides support to her team.  Thanks for everything Cassie!"
~Lorelle C.

hi! I'm Cassie

* spices + herbs that nourish mom + support lactation

* massage + bodywork for postpartum wellness

* healing through food: recipes tailored for the childbearing year, a variety of gluten-free, dairy-free
    recipes with an emphasis on plant-based nutrition

* exploring our past: evolutionary biology, birth history, folklore + mythology

* listening to nature : cycles + seasons within the body, rites of passage and traditional foodways

* my ongoing love affair with books + learning

* my ancestral roots and preserving my own family recipes and stories for my daughters and their

* quotes and pictures that inspire me + bring a smile to my face

 I hope to see you around, get to know you better and, if nothing else, I wish you the fabulous pregnancy, birth + postpartum experience that you desire.


And I'm glad our paths have crossed. A reiki master and reiki II practitioner since 1999, I also have extensive training in supporting women through various rites of passages with a focus on fertility, pregnancy, birth and the postpartum. I offer services that I would have especially liked for my own postpartum times, but do you know what I would really like to see? I'd like to see the day when my services are no longer needed because women come together to support each other. I want to flip the script and give those interested, the knowledge, self-awareness and body literacy, a powerful combination that equates to autonomy. I want to be part of the change I wish to see in the world which is what I hope Womben's Bodies, Womben's Wisdom can be. And for those that need the support and haven't yet built up their like-minded support system or expensive equipment? I'll always be here for you too. To hear your voice, to witness your journey, to apply the tools, tips and tricks that I've collected and enjoy continuing to collect.
Reach me at (403) 999-9090, email me at cassie@startmail.com or join me on my blog, Honest Scribbles, where I love to explore:

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