peace on earth

begins at birth

Everyone knows that spending time with their new baby and healing should take priority over household chores during this sacred time, but what about meals? Would you like someone to come and prepare a large pot of wholesome soup that you can eat for the week? I also have a selection of individually frozen homemade meals, that I prepare in your home with mainly organic, whole food ingredients. Or maybe you would prefer someone to take the reigns and rally your friends and family directing a meal train on your behalf?  Someone behind the scenes to organize the day-to-day responsibilities while you bond as a new family? Whatever the need, I believe a solution is within reach.
If you would like to explore a free strategy session, please get in touch.
I'm passionate about fertility, pregnancy, birth and especially the postpartum because I believe that, when a mom's needs are met through nourishment, familial and community support and access to information, she in turn, is more able to give the gift of nourishment, creativity and support to her loved ones, her community and the world around her. And so peace on Earth really does begin at birth!
"Thanks again for everything today, you are a gift sent from heaven for a new mom and her baby!" ~Diane B.
"She was everything I hoped for and more."

~Courtney S.


"Cassie is a conscientious, hard working, positive individual who makes herself available for a variety of duties.  Cassie has taken training and consistently provides support to her team.  Thanks for everything Cassie!"
~Lorelle C.

Welcome Sister! I'm Cassie

* spices + herbs that are said to nourish mom + support lactation

* massage + bodywork for postpartum wellness

* healing through food: sharing recipes tailored for this specific season of life

* exploring where we came from: evolutionary biology, birth history, folklore + mythology

* listening to nature : cycles + seasons within the body, rites of passage

* the importance of witnessing, being witnessed + building community instead of competition

* my ongoing love affair with books + learning

* ancestral medicine, dream medicine + story medicine

* quotes and pictures that inspire me + bring a smile to my face

* the ups + downs of figuring out and running a small business

* and share what being a twin mom of four daughters sometimes looks like

 I hope to see you over there, get to know you better and, if nothing else, I wish you the fabulous pregnancy, birth + postpartum experience that you desire.


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And I'm glad our paths have crossed. A reiki master and reiki II practitioner since 1999, I also have extensive training in supporting women through various rites of passages with a focus on fertility, pregnancy, birth and the postpartum. I offer services that I would have liked for my own postpartum times, but do you know what I would really like to see? I'd like to see the day when my services are no longer needed because women come together to support each other. I want to flip the script and give those interested, the knowledge, self-awareness and body literacy, a powerful combination that equates to autonomy. I want to be part of the change I wish to see in the world which is what I hope Womben's Bodies, Womben's Wisdom can be. And for those that need the support and haven't yet built up their like-minded support system? I'll always be here for you too. To hear your voice, to witness your journey, to apply the tools, tips and tricks that I've collected and enjoy continuing to collect.
Reach me at (403) 999-9090, email me at, or come join the conversation on IG where I enjoy learning and microblogging about:

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